My First Whole Packer Brisket!

So, I’m a novice BBQ guy. When it comes to the big boy things like a Brisket, I follow a guide pretty closely since it’s pretty uncharted waters for me.

I used Amazing Ribs to hold my hand from start to finish.

Because I used this guide from carving to cooking to slicing everything, I’m not going to make a long post, just a quick run through and the money shots.

Only problem, I was so excited to start cutting the brisket, I forgot to take a picture of the whole thing. I only got pics after I cut it up and made the burnt ends.

I used Hardcore Carnivore: Black for the dry rub. Note: This does have sea salt in it, but I did also dry brined it with some kosher salt before hand. I used less than I typically would have for the brine knowing the rub had salt in it. This was the first time I’d used this stuff and it was fantastic.

I also had help and input from my neighbor who is from Texas, who had his buddy from back home sending us input and tips and tricks.

So here’s a quick run through.

16 lbs untrimmed packer, from costco:

My hand for reference. Trimmed it up, put some fat off to the side for later rendering, and I ended up seperating the point from the flat since I wanted to use that for burnt ends. I also cut two other small pieces off from the point that were dangling. Novice meat trimmer, I am.

I brined it with kosher salt, and put it in the fridge from about noon on Saturday.

Rubbed up, injected and ready to go:

I lit the grill at nine, indirect with a chunk of hickory and a chunk of cherry. Probably about 4oz worth.

I injected beef broth, about 2oz in total all around.

I rubbed it up with the Hardcore Carnivore rub.

Fast Forward:

I’m totally not a night owl. I fell asleep soon after, with my wireless probe alerting me of any temp swings. I woke up a few times and adjusted the grates to try and keep it at 225F for the whole cook.

After I put the meat on, I didn’t take any pics. I forgot to take any until I carved it.

Meat when on the grill at 10pm.

I woke up a few times in the night to check.

5am, I took it off, wrapped it all up.

9am, I took the point off and wrapped it in a towel, and placed it in the cooler.

12pm, I took the flat off when every temp reading around the meat I got was between 202 and 207. Also wrapped in a towel, and placed in the cooler.

4:30pm, unwrapped, and carved!

It was absolutely fantastic. I cut some pieces off the I couldn’t get a nice slice with, and chopped them.

I sliced the point in to small cubes, and fried them really hot in a mix of BBQ sauce, beef broth, and the rendered fat from carving it the day before. These tasted like candy.

Overall, I was really pleased with how it turned out. There were some slices that were a little too salty, so I know I can dial back the brine a little for next time.

Grading my own work:

Flavor: B+

Would have been an A, but I mentioned some spots were overly salty. No biggie. The burnt ends made up for it. Very juicy and moist.

Appearance: A

Beautiful black bark, a nice pink smoke ring.

Anyways, that’s all. Hope this gives some inspiration! is a fantastic resource for all things bbq.

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