Topaz – Hazy IPA

Just making my rotations through hops that I don’t use often, or never at all. This time we’re using Topaz (never used before), Rakau (used a few times before), and El Dorado (used a lot!)

YVH – Topaz

YVH – Rakau

YVH – El Dorado

Here’s the recipe, similar to the previous NEIPAs I’ve done before. I pretty much always use hop extract early on and Idaho 7 at 10 minutes to get my desired IBUs, then let loose with whatever hop I’m featuring after that.

Batch Size (fermentor):6.5 gallons
Boil Length:60 minutes
Mash Temp:150FSingle Infusion
OG:1.070 (estimated)1.065 (actual)
FG:1.017 (estimated)1.012 (actual)
ABU:6.96% (estimated) 6.96% (actual)
Malted Oats41%
White Wheat8.4%
Golden Naked Oats9.6%
Yakima Hop Shot1 mlFWH or 60 min
Idaho 71.5 oz10 Min
Rakau1.5 ozWhirlpool @ 170
Topaz3 ozWhirlpool @ 170
El Dorado1 ozWhirlpool @ 170
Rakau2 ozDryhop 24 hours after pitch
Topaz3 ozDryhop 24 hours after pitch
El Dorado2 ozDryhop 24 hours after pitch
Total14 oz + 1 ml extract
Imperial A38 Juice1 Pack, big boy starterPitch at 68, let free raise to 72ish after a few days
Mash pH5.25
With 5 min left in boil, start adjusting pH down to 4.6.I add 3 mL Lactic Acid at a time while recirculating. This takes a few minutes after you cut the flame

Brew Day – 1/28/21

Not much to say here, normal brew day. Didn’t get many pics, just my normal sight glass at mash and boil stages.

Packaging – 2/11/21

The sample tastes great. Spot on with the descriptors of Topaz on YVH’s website. Citrus, woody aromatic, sweet fruit. Lots of these generic flavors coming through. Looks like it’s my favorite yellow orange color as expected.

Also, don’t mind if I do have myself a Pliny the Younger. Cherry Foeder for the wife. Ignore her dirty glass!

Tasting 3/3/21

So, it took me a while to actually come around to finish writing this post because this one took a little while for the flavors to develop in a good way.

I’ll say it off the bat: It’s not my favorite NEIPA, but it’s still darn tasty. It’s very interesting the character that Topaz hops give off. The aroma is a very pleasant sweet. The flavor favors the woodiness that the hop is known to have.

This beer actually tastes like a West Coast / East Coast Hybrid kind of beer. A good comparison (not on actual finished product, but of that hybrid style) would be Cellarmaker’s DDH Simcoe Galaxy and Bucket of Truth. Cellarmaker – one of my favorite breweries – makes a lot of hazy west coast IPAs that are just incredible.

The wood flavors I get are very pleasant. Not overpowering. Not like it sat in a barrel or anything. It actually reminds me of the later stages of my Sabro IPA. That beer was nuts and over it’s 6 week keg life, it changed from a coconut bomb to a wood bomb to a mellow coconut fruit profile. Topaz hops remind me of the wood bomb stage of that beer.

Here is the final pic. Great beer overall, I probably won’t feature Topaz as the main hop in any more beers. I actually think it would be incredible in a West Coast IPA. I’ll have to start thinking of that.

Next beer to come on the blog – Russian River’s Blind Pig Inaugural Ale Clone. Next Brew day – massive barleywine going into a bourbon barrel.

Fun stuff!



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