Hazy DIPA – Don Neldorado

8.4% Double New England IPA with Nelson, El Dorado, HBC 342 hops.

Named in honor the great Don Nelson, this beer features my favorite hop of Nelson Sauvin and El Dorado. We all wish we could be living in Hawaii getting high, especially during the pandemic.

This is the best Hazy IPA I’ve made. Best looking, best aroma, best flavor, best mouthfeel. Only bad part was a poor transfer from FV to keg, so it only lasted in it’s prime for about 10-12 days due to less than desirable amounts of o2 pickup. It was still good, but the color darkened and aroma faded. Here’s the recipe with a little write up at the bottom:

Batch Size (fermentor):6 gallons
Boil Length:30 minutes
Mash Temp:152FSingle Infusion
OG:1.077 (estimated)1.079 (actual)
FG:1.013 (estimated)1.015 (actual)
ABU:8.4% (estimated) 8.4% (actual)
2-Row8.25 lbs44%
Malted Oats8.25 lbs44%
White Wheat1 lb5.3%
Golden Naked Oats0.75 lbs4%
C200.5 lbs 2.7%
Total18.75 lbs100%
CTZ0.75 ozFWH or 30 min
Nelson1 ozFlameout or 0 min
El Dorado1 ozFlameout or 0 min
Nelson1 ozWhirlpool @ 170F
El Dorado1 ozWhirlpool @ 170F
HBC 3421 ozWhirlpool @ 170F
Nelson2 ozDryhop 12-24hrs after pitch
HBC 3421.5 ozDryhop 12-24hrs after pitch
Nelson2 ozDryhop 4 days after pitch
El Dorado1.5 ozDryhop 4 days after pitch
Total12.75 oz
Yeast Bay
Sigmund’s Voss Kveik
1 tablespoon
Massive Underpitch
Pitch and ferment at 90F
Mash pH5.25

I’m a firm believer in adding a bittering addition at the beginning of the boil for all of my hazy IPAs unless I’m brewing someone else’s tried and true recipe. In my own experience, having even a small bittering addition provides a more well rounded NEIPA. I prefer either using CTZ hops or Yakima Valley’s Hop Shot Extract.

This beer blew me away. It was a good cross between your typical juicy hazy ipa, with some west coast dankiness (that a word?) that I think came from the HBC 342 hops. This was also the NEIPA I made where I was 100% satisfied with the color. I was going for that perfect orange, and I nailed it.

If you’re going to brew one of my recipes, brew this one.


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