BBQ Gear

I am a recent (2 years?) convert from propane to charcoal for my grill. Sorry Hank. I previously had a Weber 2 burner e-spirit which was great, but I have enjoyed the transition to charcoal cooking so much that I don’t mind the price I paid for my Kamado Joe.

And I went cheap with it too. I went for the iPhone 7 version, not the iPhone 11. I got the Kamado Joe Classic I. They have a version II and a version III, and also have the bigger size called the Big Joe (vI, vII, vIII). As much as I wanted that fancier upgraded versions, this is what the budget allowed at the time. Worth every penny.

Since I got the grill I’ve gotten a few accessories that have made it that much more enjoyable, like The Joetisserie.

This is the thermometer that I use. Great value for the price. One probe for the meat temp, and one probe for the air temp. Also, the range for the handset goes a long way.

I’m not paid to advertise any of these products, but I had to include my favorite rubs that I’m currently working my way through. Meat Church makes some great pre made rubs that make it easy and simple to just rub n go. My favorites include The Gospel All Purpose, Holy Cow, Holy Voodoo, and Holy Gospel.