Simplehomebrew Gear

Currently I use a single 20 Gallon Kettle with an electric heating element, controlled by a panel. Previously I used the same panel, but with three 10 gallon Ss Brewtech kettles. The recent upgrade in size and downgrade in amount stuff I needed to clean has made brewing much more simple. Here’s my shit, with links down below.

The panel’s PID goes in the empty port above the liquid out.

Spike 20 Gallon V4

Spike Brewing 20 gallon kettle with 2 vertical couplers.

Fantastic kettle. Expensive, but if you’ve got the extra cash, it’s worth it. Spike offers custom welds and I’ve not read too much negative about most all of their products.

Blichmann Brewcommander

Blichmann has quickly become my favorite brand name for homebrewing stuff. Although this controller isn’t necessarily designed for eBIAB, it does the job just fine. The cost of this unit for a good touch screen interface makes getting into things pretty simple. Great piece of equipment for the price point.

Blichmann Boilcoil – 20 gallon 240v

The Boilcoil is a great heating element. I haven’t used anything else so I don’t have much to compare to, but I do know if you can, go for 240v over 120v.

Wilser Bag

Wilser bags are very popular around the homebrew world. Very well made, and the owner of the company is very active on Homebrewtalk and I appreciate nothing more than having direct line of communication to company reps, especially small business owners.

Blichmann Riptide Pump

I wish I had made the upgrade to this pump years ago. $200 is very expensive just for a pump, but I can’t stress how worth it this pump is. The precision flow valve for a tiny drip flow to fast full bore, the noise level is nearly non existent which is paired beautifully with the silence of electric brewing, and the tri-clamp to disassemble and clean makes this thing the pump I’ve owned and only one I’ll ever buy again. Other perks that you didn’t know you wanted include the weighted back so it’s not necessary to mount it in place, and the motor is fully covered.

PS. I’m not paid by Blichmann, it’s just one of the best upgrades I’ve made.

Ss Brewtech 7 Gallon Brewbucket

You’ve probably seen these all over the place. Great product. I also ferment in corny kegs for my hazy ipas. It takes a little learning on the rotating valve and racking arm to not get it to leak, but it’s a fantastic product overall.