Imperial Stout – Macky’s Nitro Coconut

9.2% Sweet Stout with Toasted Coconut, Graham Crackers, and Cocoa Powder served on Nitro

So I definitely was just trying to have a little fun by adding graham crackers to this one. This is a great beer that every time I ask someone how strong they think it is I get somewhere in the 4-6% range. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Next time around I am going to back off a little on how much roast malt I use, and up the coconut. Give that consideration if you brew what’s below.

Batch Size (fermentor):6 gallons
Boil Length:60 minutes
Mash Temp:156FSingle Infusion
OG:1.093 (estimated)1.101 (actual)
FG:1.025 (estimated)1.030 (actual)
ABU:8.93% (estimated) 9.20% (actual)
2-Row15 lbs71.4 %
White Wheat1.5 lbs7.1 %
C401 lb4.8 %
Chocolate Malt1 lbs4.8 %
Black Malt0.5 lbs 2.4 %
Roasted Barley0.5 lbs2.4 %
Total19.5 lbs100%
CTZ0.75 oz60 min
Willamette0.75 oz45 min
Total1.5 oz
Other Adds
Graham Crackers1 BoxMash In
Lactose1.5 lbs10 min (boil)
Unsweetened Cocoa Powder1 Cup10 min (boil)
Toasted Coconut Flakes3 lbsAdded with yeast pitch, or secondary if you choose to do so. I throw it in at the start because I’m lazy.
US-052 packsPitch and ferment at 68F, raise to 72F as fermentation nears finish
Mash pH5.5

This sample was taken a week after pitch and the sample blew me away. It was full of coconut and was thick and rich. The coconut has faded a fair bit but still remains in the background.

I always have fun snacking on the coconut. I had two of these trays toasted and added. Makes for a great addition to lots of styles.

The graham cracker sat on top and made the mash look like a cake after I was done sparging. Was a fun brew, can’t wait to brew it again and tweak it a little.

Enjoy this beer, I know we are.